Beantime Coffee Blends

Dark, rick, bold - and that is just the cup!  We are always brewing something fresh for everyone!

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American Select

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Espresso Roast

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Columbian Gourmet Decaf



Featured Special Blends

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100% Colombian

Cappuccinos, Lattes, Hot Chocolates & More!

Whether you’re craving a premium hot chocolate or a creamy cappuccino/latte our specialty drinks are a great way to satisfy all types of taste buds!

French Vanilla: A rich and creamy cappuccino beverage with just the right hint of vanilla flavor.  Sugar Free also available!

English Toffee: Enjoy a mouth warming, rich and creamy toffee flavor that will bring you back to your childhood.

Hot Chocolate: The perfect cup of hot chocolate – pure happiness in a cup!

Iced, Fraps & Cold Brews

Pour yourself cool in a cup with our Creamy Mocha or French Vanilla iced coffee or check out the cold vault for a large selection of Starbucks, Monster Java, Cold Brews, and more!


Our fountain flavors are supported by Coke & Pepsi products

Frozen Drinks

Why settle for just any treat when you can satisfy your coolness with a Jolly Rancher Frozen Drink! Do yourself a flavor and select a blue raspberry or cherry flavor or how about a mix of both?!

Travel Mug Program

Our travel mugs are good for $. 99 refills on hot beverages and fountain drinks at any participating Top Star Express location. Here's your bonus - as a thank you to all our loyal customers, enjoy your first fill every Friday for FREE with our FREE Refill Friday Mug Program!